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Divine Feminine Stands

Divine Feminine Stands

There was a time
Where Woman
The Shenanigans
Of the Wounded Masculine

Be it Father, Partner, or Friend
Mouth Washing
Or Attacking her

That Time is Over
As Her Inner Warrior
Shields her from
This Appalling Type of Energy

The Divine Feminine
Will Only Allow In
Healthy, Nurturing
Masculine Presence
Balanced In His Energy

The Masculine kind of vibe that
And Protects Divine Feminine

Divine Masculine energy with
Healthy Boundaries
Beautiful Presence
And Humility

Relating Based
On Mutual Respect Only
Is What She Allows
In Her Receiving Space

Her Body
Her Mind
Her Heart
Her Soul

Only When
And If She Feels Safe
Will She Slowly Open Up

Safe Enough to Surrender
To the Dance
Orchestrated By Natural Law
Warming up to The Dance
Between Healed Polarities

This is to Surrender …
To Love, Divine Connection
Balanced Giving & Receiving
Laughter & Play


I Was Taken on A Journey to Witness…

I Was Taken on A Journey to Witness…

How I Felt
The Day After
I came Back
From Visiting Deep Depths
Feelings and Places

By the Hand
I was Taken
Into the Abyss
I was guided

To observe, and Look at
What Was Taking Place
Inside Me
Somewhere, Deep Down

Jude Was Brought Down
Into the Abyss
To The Core Of her Heart
And her SubConscious

To Observe
The Sea of Emotions

Flowing in a big River
Of Slowly Moving
Molten Lava

To the River
I was Taken
Where My Attention Was Drawn
To A Spot
In the River

A Slight Stir
A Spot in the Lava
Started to Come Up Slightly
The beginning Stage
Of A Bubble
I noticed

It was, I recognized
A mix
Of Heaviness
Of Deep, Old Sadness
And Emotion

Was it Going
To Continue to Develop
Into A Lava Bubble

Was it to Come
To the Surface
To Be Dealt With?
I Wondered

No, Just a Slight Stir
An Upward Movement
In a Part of the River of Magma
That was Seen

This Was
What I Was Brought Here for
To Witness
Look at

And Sit with
These Emotions
That do Not Want
To Be Dealt With
Just Observed By Judith

A Soul Searching Experience
It Was
Cause and Effect

Old pain
Triggered by a Liitle Event
Just a few Days Ago

My heart Feels Heavyish

Be still
My Beautiful Heart
I See You
I Feel You

I Am Here With You
I Got Your Back
You may Lean on to Me

It’s Ok
I See You
I Feel You