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Take a moment to just observe

Take a moment to just observe

Take a Moment
Just Now
To Listen, Just Listen

Listen to your Inner Voice(s)
Who Is/Are talking In There
What is Being Said
How Are the Words Passing By

How is Your Inner Dialogue
What’s the Nature
Of Your Thoughts

Are you Being Kind
To You

What’s going on
Inside you
Take a Moment
To Just Explore

If you Really Listen
Can you Feel
Is there an Emotion
Gently Trying to Come Trough
Is there a Feeling
Prevalent Inside You

Just Now
Without Judgement

Can you Hear It
Can You Feel It


How is Your Body
Responding To
Your Inner Thoughts
Your Feelings
And Your E-motion


How are you Talking
To Your Self

Is it in a Loving Way
Or is it a Dismissive Chatter


What it Does
To your Feelings
Your Demeanor
And to Your Body

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How to deal with Overwhelm

How to deal with Overwhelm

Whenever I feel Overwhelmed, Restless
Energetically Scattered
Mind, body and Wantings
Spread All over the Place
I have a Large Array of Options
That help me Calm Down and Relax

What, to me, is important
Is to Get back
In to my Body
In to Me
Back to my Inner Stillness
Where my Wisdom, Being & Flow Reside

How I get back into my Body
Depends on
What feels right
In the moment

Ways Back to MySelf

To bring back
My awareness
Inside my temple
To bring back
Inner Calmness, Overview
And a Relaxed Demeanor

I Dance, I Shake, I Move
I Consciously Connect with
And Dive In to My Body

I Go in Nature
Walk bare feet
Through the forest
My Feet Consciously connecting
With the underground

Another possibility
Is to use my Voice
To work with Sound and Tone
Or I work with my drum or an instrument
As to work with Frequency
That feed the parts
Of my body
Or stuck emotions
That need attention

The Power of Breathing

What I also do
Is to sit down
To Quiet my Racing Mind
And to concentrate
On my Breathing

I Focus on my Breath
Bringing it slowly down
From my upper chest
Down, breath by breath
In to my lower Belly

I can work
With various possibilities
Of Breathing techniques
Grounding, chillin, Calming me

The Power of Meditation

Or I can sit with eyes closed
And go Out on an Inner Adventure
Focussing on meeting
Small parts of my body
One step At the time
Starting with my feet
And working my way up

I can visualize a sun
Above my head
And imagine
That all energy
I have given away
Or left behind
In Places, Situations and Meetings
Come back to me Now

I can listen
To a guided mediation
Or lie down on a bed of nails
Get a massage
Or take a bath

As you can see
Here you have
A little amount
Of Lots of possibilities
To calm restlessness

How do you deal with Overwhelm?

What do you do
To get in to your body
How do you help
To Quiet your mind
When it’s running rampant

How do you handle
Restlessness, chaos
Stuck emotions in your system

If you need advice
Or help in getting back to yourself
Let me know
I offer coaching sessions
Online or by phone

I look forward to meeting you


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Love after love

Love after love

The time will come
When, with elation
You will greet yourself
Arriving at your own door
In your own mirror

And each will smile
At the other’s welcome
And say, sit here. Eat

You will love again
The stranger
Who was your self

Give wine
Give bread
Give back
Your heart to itself

To the stranger
Who has loved you
All your life

Whom you ignored
For another
Who knows you by heart

Take down
The love letters
From the bookshelf
The photographs
The desperate notes

Peel your own image
From the mirror
Feast on your life

-by Derek Walcott

The Sacred meaning of Number 2

The Sacred meaning of Number 2

Well, go figure
Born I was
On a Tuesday
Of the 22 of 02 in the year 19
Followed by a 7 and a 2
At 20.00 hrs ???

I do resonate
With quite some things
Written down here

This year
Feels like a very special birthday to me


February 2nd, 2020

02:02:2020, February 2nd 2020, is the only palindrome date in all of the three main date formats for over 101 years. The next one occurs on 12:12:2121, 12 December 2121.

Many people notice the number 2 in various forms, whether it is 2, 22, 222 or 2222—and there is a spiritual reason for this, although the meaning is unique to each individual.

When certain numbers spontaneously appear, it is not a coincidence. There is great benefit to paying attention to the meaning that they have in our lives.

While there is a general reason for the number appearing, only the person who keeps seeing the number will be able to work out the exact reason. However, as with everything in the Universe, numbers vibrate on a certain frequency and that frequency can be translated into a specific message that can be used for spiritual guidance.

Guidance comes in many forms, and sometimes it arrives in the least expected of ways, so it can take a little time to figure out the meanings.

Many people notice the same numbers regularly appearing in particular sequences on clocks, phones, registration plates, checks or receipts. This is simply the universe’s way of communicating through signs and synchronicity.

If you notice 2, 22, 222 or 2222 regularly, the guide below could help to translate the spiritual reason.

Number 2

The number 2 is the most feminine of all the numbers, and its vibration resonates with the vibration of joy, balance and peace. It relates to the desire for love, health, harmony and happiness within all relationships, and those who see this number regularly are authentic, artistic, creative, tolerant, emotional, highly sensitive, loyal, devoted and intuitive.
This number asks us to have faith and trust wholeheartedly in our inherent supernatural abilities, so that we can gain valuable insight into our relationships as well as our circumstances.

This number is the most underestimated number, as it is both strong and graceful at the same time; its shape bends but never breaks under pressure. When the going gets tough, the number 2 arrives to show us that we can adjust to our circumstances, as we have a great deal of empathy and understanding.

Despite adversities, we remain fair, flexible and adaptable, so we are able to compromise and maintain peace.

When the number 2 appears, it is a nudge to surrender to universal energy. We should maintain faith and courage, as whatever we are hoping to achieve is in the process of manifesting, even if it seems like nothing is happening. Our patience is being tested, but everything is playing out exactly how it needs to, so that we learn valuable lessons on our destined journey.

This number is a warning to use our intuition to sense those who could cause us drama or destruction. We are being told to be wary of people we feel exhausted around, as those who consistently need attention and validation are attracted to the calming, soothing, healing energy of those who vibrate on the same frequency as the highly charged number 2.

The number 2 comes to us as a reminder to be true to ourselves, while also being thoughtful, compassionate and considerate, so that we don’t offend or upset those closest to us while we focus intently on our soul’s calling.

Number 22

The person who sees number 22 is a master builder. Number 22 is possibly the most powerful and successful number to receive as a sign, as it means that we can master anything we set our minds to. It represents ancient wisdom, transformation, the manifestation of dreams, evolution, creation, intuition, light, universal love, an idealistic future and turning our imagination into reality.

It appears as a sign to let us know that we are on the right path and to keep moving optimistically along it, as everything is working in our favor and with divine timing to assure a successful outcome. As with everything, this number has a shadow side, which can represent nervous energy, anxiety and stubbornness.

We are being asked to look at ways we can alleviate anything that causes our energy to become tense and constricted, as we need our energy focused on materializing our ambitions, dreams and goals.

The number 22 is an expansion of the number 11, which is the root of the number 22. There is four times more power, vibrational energy and responsibility held in the number 22 than there is in the number 11.

Number 22 represents the continuation and accomplishment of the intentions we sent out into the universe when we previously frequently saw the number 11.

When the number 22 appears, it is a reminder that it is essential to build a firm foundation for the plans we are making. When we see this number regularly, we will likely have greater insight and vision into the completion of plans than others who are working on the same project. Therefore, we have the responsibility of accomplishing everything that is intended, as others won’t have the same positive outlook and belief in the grand dream. This is possible by keeping the mind free from fearful, doubtful, pessimistic, negative, repetitive thoughts.

When we see this number often, it means we have a strong calling to achieve our soul’s purpose, and the plans that are in progress are for something that will benefit humanity or Mother Earth. The reason for this is that the number 22 has conscious awareness closely connected to it.

Number 222

The number 222 carries attributes of both the number 2 and 22, so it is an extremely powerful number to receive. The vibrational energies of 222 are extremely high, and it is a positive reminder that everything is in divine order and that there is no need for negative thoughts or concerns. Worries and doubts eat away at our energy reserves, and the number 222 appears to comfort us whenever anxiety tries to creep in.

The vibrational qualities of this number represent introversion, acceptance, inner strength, knowledge, forgiveness, harmony and humbleness. This number is a blessing from the universe and an encouraging sign to keep on believing in ourselves, and our dreams, and to move forward with a bright, optimistic and positive mindset.

222 appears regularly when we are being asked to pay particular attention to our friendships, relationships and to certain people whose names appear suddenly or we bump into unexpectedly.

When we witness the number 222 around the same time as we see or hear about a particular person, they likely have an important message for us, or their presence in our life has a profound meaning.

Therefore, we are being called to open to them to discover what the connection holds in store.

If the number occurs in sequence with someone we are currently in a relationship with, it is a sign that all is well, and that our union is fulfilling and has been written in the stars. Regardless of whether the relationship lasts a week or a lifetime, it has occurred in our life for an essential reason.

When we see this number, it is a nudge to let go of someone or something that may be causing us pain or hindering us in any way. It is a time for releasing old hurts, healing wounds and surrendering to the beauty of the present moment.

Number 2222

Again, this number is an immensely powerful one, as it carries the vibrational energy described in 2 and 22. When 2222 appears, it shows that we are maintaining a balance in our lives, despite the ups and downs. It also signifies that whatever plans and dreams we previously set intentions on are manifesting just as we hoped.

This number represents balance, decisiveness, serenity and tranquility. It assures us that nothing happens by accident, and that everything we intuitively choose is brought to us for a greater reason that will unfold when divine timing is right.

2222 also comes to let us know that we can place our trust in the excitement that occurs when we begin a new venture. When we see this number, we are receiving a spiritual push to encourage us to let go of one thing that is limiting and no longer serves us and to pick up something new that will nourish and deeply satisfy our soul.

It is a sign that our life is healthy and balanced, so we can have peace of mind to know that as long as we continue being mindful and remain consciously aware of our words and actions, everything we have been working toward will be effortlessly accomplished.

Therefore, we can relax and reap the rewards of all our hard work, knowing that the universe is supporting us and will offer a guiding light whenever we need one.
If we are going through a particularly difficult time when this number regularly appears, it is a sign that our troubles will soon pass, and there are lighter, brighter days on the horizon, so we need to keep moving forward with hope and faith.

2222 is telling us that it’s really time to listen to our intuitive heart and follow it faithfully, as the heart knows the way to our greatest desires. A positive, inspirational affirmation will work miracles right now if we put enough belief into it while we are chanting.

Overall, this number is saying to us that we should not give up hope, despite how difficult things may seem, because our struggles are temporary. We are moving in the right direction, and all will be revealed in divine timing. Whenever something doesn’t work out as we might have hoped, this is actually the universe doing us a favor, and it is actually because there is something far better planned.

This J.M. Storm quote aligns perfectly with 2222:

Keep going. Magic happens when you don’t give up, even when you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

The universe works in mysterious ways, and everything within it carries an energetic vibration. When our vibration matches the same vibration as the entities out there, we are being assured that we are safe and protected and are being shown subtle signs that proving miracles can happen.

By Alex Myles

A Cloudy Head

A Cloudy Head

A Cloudy Head
Moments After You

You, Dear One to Me
Pulled the Plug
And Blocked me
Out of Your Life
Once Again

To Work
That Day
I Went

What was Needed
For And With
My Clients
All happy

I was Here
Foggy I Felt
In My Head

I Could Hear
What was Said
Interacting with my Clients

It Felt Though
As if Communicating
With A Glass Window
Standing Between
Me and the Other

I was Here
And I Wasn’t
I was Here
At the Office
And Out and About
Traveling Different Dimensions

My Body Was Here
And I Felt
My Awareness, My Soul
Floating Outside My Body

Yes, this Floating
A Bit Above My Body
I Recognize

Was it Dissociation
Or Whatever it is Called

Or was It
When Heftiness Occurs
Between Me and You
Dear One

This Thing
Or Something
An Energy
That Pulls Me Out
Of My Body?

I Observe
And Am Aware
Ah, Yess, That’s it
I recognize
The Pull

So, In To Nature
I Went
Shoes Of
Bare Feeted
I Walked

Lots of Energy
Around My Head
Many Thoughts
Mambo Jambo
Tumbling Over
One Another

Through the Water Stream
Like A Child
With My Toes
Yihaaa, In The Mudd
Feeling the Varieties
Of The Soil I Walk On

Ahh, What a Bliss
To Make The Descent

Out of My Over Active Head
Back Down
Into My Body

Realigning My
Head, Body and Feelings
And Slowly
Sinking back
With My awareness
In to my Body

It’s ok My Love
It’s Safe
You Are Ok
The Feels
You can Handle

Take Care
Of You
Feel Your Upper Back

The light moments
Of Heaviness
In Your Heart
You Know This
You’ve Been There
Dealt With This Situation

Open to Love
Attached to Nothing

Doing Great
You’ve Got This
You’ve Been There
All Is Well

I Was Taken on A Journey to Witness…

I Was Taken on A Journey to Witness…

How I Felt
The Day After
I came Back
From Visiting Deep Depths
Feelings and Places

By the Hand
I was Taken
Into the Abyss
I was guided

To observe, and Look at
What Was Taking Place
Inside Me
Somewhere, Deep Down

Jude Was Brought Down
In the Catacombs
To The Core Of her Heart
And her SubConscious

To Observe
The Sea of Emotions

Flowing in a big River
Of Slowly Moving
Molten Lava

To the River
I was Taken
Where My Attention Was Drawn
To A Spot
In the River

A Slight Stir
A Spot in the Lava
Started to Come Up Slightly
The beginning Stage
Of A Bubble
I noticed

It was, I recognized
A mix
Of Heaviness
Of Deep, Old Sadness
And Emotion

Was it Going
To Continue to Develop
Into A Lava Bubble

Was it to Come
To the Surface
To Be Dealt With?
I Wondered

No, Just a Slight Stir
An Upward Movement
In a Part of the River of Magma
That was Seen

This Was
What I Was Brought Here for
To Witness
Look at

And Sit with
These Emotions
That do Not Want
To Be Dealt With
Just Observed By Judith

A Soul Searching Experience
It Was
Cause and Effect

Old pain
Triggered by a Little Event
Just a few Days Ago

My heart Feels Heavyish

Be still
My Beautiful Heart
I See You
I Feel You

I Am Here With You
I Got Your Back
You may Lean on to Me

It’s Ok
I See You
I Feel YouI Was Taken on A Journey to Witness…